The Newton-Raphson method, narrated in the style of a Film Noir Voiceover

You may have seen my post on the Newton-Raphson methodOpens in a new tab. in the style of the King-James version of the Bible. Since that turned out very well, I asked ChatGPTOpens in a new tab. to explain the method again to me, but this time in the style of a Film NoirOpens in a new tab. Voiceover. Here is the result. Enjoy!

The prompt

Write a step-by-step instruction for the Newton-Raphson method, but in the style of a Film Noir Voiceover: A hard-boiled detective narrates his way through the method like he’s solving a complex crime.

And the result

The night was darker than a blackboard in a power outage, and I was alone in my office, the only sound the steady tap of rain on the window. I had a problem to solve – an equation that needed roots, and the only friend I had in this lonely task was an old ally: the Newton-Raphson method.

  1. The Set-Up: It started simple enough, see. I had this equation, \(f(x)\), its heart beating with unknown roots. It was a mystery wrapped in an enigma, tucked inside a numerical riddle.
  2. The First Lead: I needed a place to start, an initial guess, \(x_0\). Some number that looked like it might be cozying up to the true root. It wasn’t perfect, but nothing in this world is.
  3. The Insider Tip: Next, I needed the inside scoop – the derivative of the equation, \(f'(x)\). That’s the way the curve was leaning, see. It was like the whispers of a double-crosser, always pointing to where the action was.
  4. The Stakeout: Then I used the formula that’s as old as the method itself. It’s seen more equations than a university math book. It goes like this:
    \[x_1 = x_0 – f(x_0)/f'(x_0)\]
    My new approximation, \(x_1\), it was a step closer to the truth, closer to the root than my initial guess, \(x_0\).
  5. The Chase: But one step wasn’t enough. I needed to follow this trail to the end. So I repeated the formula, turning the pages of the mystery:
    \[x_{i+1} = x_i – f(x_i)/f'(x_i)\]
  6. The Showdown: I kept at it, iteration after iteration, until the answers started making sense, until the root was as clear as the guilt in a crook’s eyes. I kept going until I couldn’t get any closer to the truth.

And that, my friend, is how the Newton-Raphson method and I cracked the case wide open. It’s a tough job, but in this city of numbers and equations, it’s the only job I know.

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