Notes on My Code Examples

This is just a quick note to help me tell you what you need to know about the various code examples that I give and present here on

These examples are provided for your use to further study or investigate a problem, algorithm, or the like. They are tailored specifically at a particular problem described in the text of an article, where they appear, but can be modified and extended easily.

Each code example is provided as is and without any warranty whatsoever. Use the code examples at your own risk only. For a more in-depth disclaimer, please read my general disclaimer for as a website.

I release these code examples under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means that you are free to also re-use and re-publish the code examples and your own modifications thereof, provided you follow these guidelines. I consider this a matter of politeness, and I hope that you do, too. You’ll find more details about this licence and more information about and around Creative-Commons licences by clicking the link above or the icon below.

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